Site 2.21

Site ID
Nominal Capacity
39.04 kWp
Average Specific Yield
1322 kWh/kWp
Total Estimated Loss
Possible Gain
4% to 8%
3.42 ₹/Wp, 0 ₹/Wp/a
Expenditure / Energy
3.1 ₹/kWh to 1.5 ₹/kWh


Cable layout with loosely hanging cables were found. Modules with cell breakage and burned cells were connected to the system. Modules were shaded by a taller room and water tank. It is recommended to (i) optimize cable layout, (ii) replace modules with broken glass and burned cells, (iii) re-sort lower performing modules, (iv) re-string shaded modules, and (v) install a weather station. The estimated production boost expected by the retrofitting actions lies between 4% and 8%.

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Main Findings

Poor cable management: The cables are observed to be loosely hanging and exposed to ambient. Cable conduits used are degraded.
Inverter fans and filters were found soiled.
Damaged modules with broken glass and burnt cells were connected to the system.
The LA found on site was broken and non-functional.
Modules are shaded by objects like taller room and water tank.
IR analysis indicates hot cells on modules, which may indicate irreversible cell damage.

Impact on Performance

Heavy Soiling
Soiling losses of the modules were observed to be 3% as estimated from IV curve measurements.
Estimated Loss
≈ 3%
Cell Cracks
The EL image reveals isolated parts on the modules. Loss from mechanical damage is expected to be around 4%.
Estimated Loss
≈ 4%
Based on the IV curve measurements, the estimated underperformance is 8.1% of the measured modules.
Estimated Loss
≈ 8.1%
Near Shading
According to the PVsyst simulations, the near shading losses account to 1.53%.
Estimated Loss
≈ 1.53%
Inhomogeneous tilt angle
Estimated Loss
≈ 1.7%
Self Shading
Estimated Loss
≈ 2.53%
Deviation from South
Estimated Loss
≈ 0.1%
Total Estimated Energy Loss
≈ 20.96%

Proposed Solutions

Loosely hanging cables shall be routed using appropriate tags. UV protection measurements shall be taken by a suitable rack with roof or cable coating.
The inverter filters and fans shall be cleaned.
Broken LA shall be replaced.
Modules with broken glass and burned cells shall be replaced.
A resorting of modules shall be done to have lower performing modules in the same string or at least same MPPT.
A re-stringing of modules shall be conducted to have the shaded modules in the same string or at least same MPPTS.
A weather station, or at least an irradiation sensor on the module plane shall be installed.