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Data from 40 power plants
40 sites have been selected across India attending to several criteria such as size, performance, location and commercial model.

The inspected rooftop PV plants are located in Delhi and the Andaman and Nicobar islands, both on public and on private buildings. The prevailing climate types in these regions are known as steppe climate and tropical climate with average yearly temperatures between 25°C and 27°C and global irradiation values on the horizontal surface around 1.750 kWh/a. Depending on the region, the average annual rainfall may vary between 700mm and 3000mm.

The plants are located in urban areas and have been installed in rows, parallel to the rooftop surface or on canopy structures. The access was secured thanks to the cooperation of GSES, SECI and several Distribution Companies. PI Berlin together with GSES conducted the site visits with the support of the rooftop owners, GIZ personnel and occasionally with Discom representatives. One day visit was scheduled per site.

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